Linda Moran

Artistic Director

Linda’s journey began as a teen, dancing as Mary Poppins in Disney-land parades, can-canning at Knott’s Berry Farm, a regular on American Bandstand and numerous community theatre productions. Linda learned ‘how to work a show’ performing a year – 6 days a week, 2 shows a night, 3 shows on Saturday as a Bluebell Showgirl and swing in Don Arden’s Hallelu-jah Hollywood at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Then on to C’est Magnifique at the Americana in Miami. ‘Those were the days my friend, and we always think they will never end.’

Unfortunately, a life-changing fall off a set piece during rehearsal, resulted in a spinal fusion and Lin-da woke up paralyzed. After extensive therapy, she defied the odds and not only began to walk again, but fought to kick up her heels. Auditioning and returning to the stage, in New York, only to find her back would not hold up to the rigors of performing was devastating.

Learning to shift the picture of her life’s dream as a professional dancer taught Linda resilience and how to turn her passion for dance into other arts areas. A myriad of exciting directions developed: theatrical stage director, choreographer, Hollywood casting director and university professor, public educator and Director of Business Development. Reflecting, she has been involved in 250+ musical theatre productions from coast to coast. She has had the privilege of coaching Broadway, TV & film actors and dancers, as well as, a co-creator of Arroyo Vista Children’s Theater.
Linda also found in the corporate environment, labels may be different from theatrical terms, but foundational concepts were the same. Compelling communication, credibility, overcoming obstacles and establishing relationships were key to achieving results. Founding her own company, Theatrical Tapestry, and creating success with national companies over 25+ years in a variety of industries brings her a wealth of experience as a renowned facilitator, performance coach and a motivating, engaging guest speaker.