The BelloGents

A Cabbello is comprised of uniquely talented singers that have auditioned and been selected for their exceptional voices and their performance qualities. Take a few minutes and enjoy getting to know these beautiful men, our BelloGents, who volunteer to share their time and talents with you and our desert oasis community.

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* Indicates founding member

BelloGent Alumni

Jay Baumgartner (Tenor 1) *
Andrew Bird (Tenor 2)
Mitchell Canfield (Tenor 1)
Juan Carranza (Baritone) *
Jon De Freitas (Tenor 2) *
Steve Earley (Baritone)
Justin Farrell Marsh (Tenor 2)
James Flaherty (Tenor 1)
Thomas Grexa Phillips (Tenor 2)
Eddie Griego (Tenor 1) *
Kim Halter (Baritone)
Gary Hawthorne (Bass)
Paul Hietter (Baritone)
Deryl Jon Bair (Tenor 1)

Dwight Joyner (Baritone) *
Sonelius Kendrick-Smith (Tenor 2)
Paul Kowal (Bass)
Jason Mannino (Baritone)
Jessé Martin (Tenor 1)
Kevin McKelvie (Tenor 1)
Phillip Merlino (Tenor 1)
Cameron Merrihew (Tenor 2)
Dave Sanchez (Tenor 1)
Mark Schroepher (Tenor 2) *
Thomas Soule (Tenor 2) *
Bruce Stout (Baritone)
Raul Valenzuela (Baritone)
Douglas Wong (Bass)

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