Teddie (Rex) Scott


It was once written that ‘Making Music is a Life Well Spent. It cuts through the haste and noise, simultaneously healing hearts and minds. Wait a minute- Teddie just wrote that- but it’s so true! Teddie’s family would tell you that he practically came out of the womb singing and connecting music to life. The soundtrack of his life has varied over the years but it has always been a bright light that has guided his steps. He is a 24 year+ veteran educator and support-er/creator of the performing arts. He has sung with many groups including the Seattle Men’s Chorus and is also currently singing with Modern Men. He even appeared on Broadway in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Okay he wasn’t paid and was randomly selected from the audience but he was recognized the next day in Times Square!!! He is thrilled to be on stage with the Acabbelo gents sharing the journey of music in the Coachella Valley.