Rick Elander

Tenor 2

Born and raised in Yakima Washington on the family apple farm where the love of music, singing and accordion playing was an integral part of everyday life. What began as family fun and neighborly en-tertainment at local talent shows grew into The Elander Family Singers. Rick and his sister sang two-part harmony, along with his mom singing lead in her amazing alto voice. His father was a brilliant accordion player. They went on to win 1st place in a Family Vocal State competition, and securing 2nd place in the Family Vocal National competition (45 states competing). Propelling the family on to singing in Las Vegas for many casino show-cases and entertaining in country club venues across the Coachella Valley. After owning and operating a successful nightclub in Seattle for 25 years with his husband, Steve, we are thrilled they found their way back to our desert oasis. Where they now live in the Cathedral City Cove and are loving their new life in the desert.