Mike Stokesberry


Mike grew up in Illinois and remembers singing as early as the first grade and was blessed to have a music teacher that was a major encouraging influence in his life and the rest is history. Loving and enjoying the camaraderie and magic of blending voices, he has been singing in choirs and choruses ever since. Groups include the Mountainside Master Choral, Riverside Chamber Choir, Inland Master Choral, Meritage Vocal Arts Ensemble, Long Beach Camarata, and the California Desert Choral. He has incredible memories of living in Asia, where he sang two years with the Tokyo International Singers and 2 years, with the Hong Kong Bach Choir. We are incredibly grateful for his ‘Swiss army knife’ abilities in assisting A Cabbello with many behind the scenes needs from creating singing tracks for our BelloGents to managing our outgoing communications and systems.